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What is the Path Forward?

We now know that it is impossible for economic growth to continue forever on our finite planet. But if economic growth is stopped, we face the risk of unemployment and social instability. The concept of decoupling gave us some hope of dealing with this paradox, but it cannot alone solve our problems. So what must be done?

I don't think that there is any simple answer to this question. (At least not yet.) But we cannot continue to close our eyes just because we don't have a complete answer, or because the challenges are too difficult.

While keeping social disruption to a minimum, we must aim to become a happy society in the truest sense of the word, seeking a form of economy that recognizes the finiteness of the Earth. We need to think things out together, with many people considering our challenges from many different angles. Through dialogue we need to steadily move forward in our thinking. We need to create something new together. We must acquire knowledge and learn approaches from countries where others are also trying to address these difficult questions, and we must also learn from practical examples within our own country. We need to think things out and move forward through trial and error.

These above are the reasons for the creation of the Institute for Studies in Happiness, Economy, and Society. Let us all work through this challenge together.

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