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May 21, 2011
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"De" Generation at TEDxTokyo 2011: Enter the Unknown

The president of ISHES, Junko Edahiro, delivered a short speech at an event called TEDxTokyo, held in Tokyo, Japan.

TEDxTokyo, has been held annually since 2009, for a total of three times so far. TEDxTokyo 2011 was held after the devastating March 11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident. The event's focus was altered to respond to the tragedy, with the theme being "to explore practical and inventive ways of rebuilding and renewing Japan, and uplifting the spirits of its people." Junko Edahiro delivered a speech as a message to a younger generation of people who would live in the aftermath of the earthquake and shape the future of Japan.

Junko delivered a speech regarding "3-De" Generation -- De-Ownership, De-Materialization, De-Monetization.

For the text of the speech, go to:
Japan for Sustainability (JFS) Newsletter No.106 (June 2011)
"De-Ownership, De-Materialization, De-Monetization -- Junko Edahiro's Message to Today's '3-De' Generation (TEDxTokyo, May 2011)"

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TEDxTokyo 2011: Enter the Unknown

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