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September 05, 2011
Press Release

Institute for Studies in Happiness, Economy and Society (ISHES) Launches English Website

(Tokyo, September 5, 2011) The Institute for Studies in Happiness, Economy and Society (President Junko Edahiro) is pleased to announce the launch of its English website ( ISHES was established in January 2011, in cooperation with Japan for Sustainability (JFS), with the aim of promoting studies into happiness, as well as systems of the economy and society that promote human happiness without being overly dependent on economic growth. Below is an outline of material available on the website. The attachment provides the background for the establishment of ISHES.

Website Content
The Dilemma of Economic Growth (
The website introduces the concept of the "dilemma of economic growth," a key concept when considering the economy, society, and happiness. Can "decoupling" (the separation of economic growth from negative impacts on resources and the environment) solve our problems? The site provides food for thought on these matters.

Timeline (
The idea that "money isn't everything" and "economic growth doesn't lead to true happiness," is nothing new, but the search for true happiness not based on economic growth has been attracting new popularity lately. The timeline shows the relevant trends in chronological order, including the progress and affluence of nations, new indicators to measure happiness, related conferences and publications. The Japanese trends will be posted at later date.

Interviews (
This page carries interviews by Junko Edahiro with opinion leaders from Japan and other countries. The first interview is with Helena Norberg-Hodge, the author of "Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh" and director of the documentary film "The Economics of Happiness."

The website will also carry information such as the following:
- New lifestyles, initiatives, and movements in Japan
- News about happiness studies in Japan and around the world
- Further reading, related groups, think-tanks, institutes, and more

ISHES engages in activities such as research, publishing, informing public opinion, dialogue, and networking with the world, mainly by disseminating information through the website.

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