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Takayoshi Kusago, Shuichi Hirayama, and Junko Edahiro : Fourth Open Seminar March 20, 2012 | Interview06
Co-Founder and Senior Partner, The Happiness Initiative, John de Graaf  Interviewer: Junko Edahiro September 13, 2011 | Interview05
Representative, Half Farmer, Half X Institute Naoki Shiomi Interviewer: Junko Edahiro August 29, 2011 | Interview04
Interview with Thai Ecology Thinker, Sulak Sivaraksa Interviewer: Junko Edahiro July 21, 2011 | Interview03
President, Earth Policy Institute (EPI) Lester R. Brown, Interviewer:Junko Edahiro July 07, 2011 | Interview02
Author of "Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh" Helena Norberg-Hodge, Interviewer:Junko Edahiro February 08, 2011 | Interview01

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